Schedule Concrete Foundation Repair Services in Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas

Bring Balance to Your Home

If you notice cracks in your walls or foundation, call Hy-Tech Foundation Repair. We can inspect your foundation and suggest ways to restore its integrity. We have the skills, tools and experience needed to provide exceptional concrete foundation repair services in Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

Electronic readings of your home's slab will provide a big-picture look of your foundation. You'll learn if it's level or out of alignment. We'll measure your foundation down to one-tenth of an inch using innovative technology to help us assess its condition accurately.

Call 713-686-1733 today to learn more about the house leveling process in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

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We offer quick, effective house leveling services in Houston, TX and surrounding areas

If your home has abnormal variances, hire us to resolve those issues. We'll use our Perma-Pile system to level the slab. The process for most homes takes two to five days and involves:

  • Driving piles to absolute refusal to achieve required depths
  • Lifting and leveling to produce a desired end product
Our concrete foundation repair services are clean, effective, fast and permanent. Contact Hy-Tech Foundation Repair today for house leveling services in Houston, TX and surrounding areas.